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True Light Ministries

Harvest Ridge went to the City over two years ago to partner with a Ministry that serves people in the depths of the City and they stole our hearts! True Light Ministries is located at 712 E. 31st Street, Kansas City, MO. The question was asked, “What If The Church”, and Harvest Ridge responded. After a serve day we made the commitment that this would be an ongoing relationship, not a one-time service day with “What If The Church”.

Relationships have grown strong and continue to grow stronger as time passes and we have experienced more ministry opportunities together. Serve days continue but have increased in number and areas of ministry. The current partnership is in the remodeling and adding space to the existing kitchen where meals are served daily to women and on Saturday mornings breakfast is prepared and served to anywhere from 250-350 men, women & children who might not eat otherwise, or this may be the only meal they have for that day.

There are ongoing fix-it jobs that take place, three women from Harvest Ridge have joined together to meet each Thursday afternoon with the women that spend the day at the Emancipation Station, a shelter for women that is an extension of True Light Ministries, forming a group that has been named “Knitting Without Needles”, which involves knitting with looms for a portion of the time spent together, and closing the time together in Bible Study and Prayer. This time has developed ongoing relationships and spiritual growth for all involved. Beginning January 23 we will begin to study Joyce Meyers book, “Battlefield of the Mind” during our Bible Study time.

True Light is also a Family Resource Center, providing food, clothing and other personal care items to those who are in transition, living at poverty level, and those who are homeless. True Light is equipped to meet physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those entering their doors.

Urban True Light Church packed up a bright yellow bus with their congregation to join our congregation for Worship Service, in predominantly white Johnson County on a recent Sunday morning, giving us a taste of what heaven will look like as we looked around to welcome our guests. It felt like one big happy family gathering. We also joined together this past summer with True Light Ministries and Community Life Church for Summer Splash and Baptism Service.

The relationship continues to grow stronger as involvement increases in multiple area’s including HR members serving on the Board and Committees at True Light. The feel is family when the two Congregations meet together. This is giving us a deeper understanding and involvement in the Ministry taking place at True Light Resource Center and it’s components.


Video Reflections of partnership with True Light Ministries - Christmas Eve 2013

True Light Christmas Eve Video from Harvest Ridge on Vimeo.