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Grief Share Support Group

Grief Share is a program with direction and purpose, with groups that are meeting around the world, all focused on Grief Recovery Support. With Grief Share, you will learn how to walk the journey of grief and be supported on the way. It is a place where hurting people find healing and hope.

How does Grief Share work?

Your Grief Share group is designed to help you recover from the deep hurt of loss. Your Grief Share experience includes three key elements that work together to guide your healing process:

(1) Video Seminar: At each session, you will view a video featuring personal stories of people like you who are grieving the death of a loved one, and expert insights on topics important to grief recovery.

(2) Support Group: After the video, you will become part of a small support group to discuss what you’ve seen on the video and what’s going on in group members’ lives. You will stay with the same group of people for all 13 Grief Share sessions.

(3) Workbook: You will follow along in your workbook as the video is playing, making notes, as desired, and jotting down questions that you may want to present to the group for discussion time. The workbook contains a section, “From Mourning to Joy”, that will be helpful throughout the week as you are on your healing journey.

At Harvest Ridge, we have seen people who committed to the thirteen-week Grief Share sessions heal and develop hope for the future. Grief Share provides a safe place and confidential environment where trust is built among group members.

Harvest Ridge is committed to holding two thirteen-week Grief Share sessions per year. Contact Nancy Chumley, at the church office, if you would like more information about the Grief Share ministry at Harvest Ridge.


Grief Share Update:

Here is what some of the participants had to say:

“I would not have moved forward in the grief process if I had not attended this class.”

“The Blue Christmas Service of Solace was very helpful during my Grief Journey in connection with the class.”

“[Grief Share] has helped me understand the Grief Journey.”


Grief Share is a great part of our ministry, and it is crucial to our vision of “hurting people helped”.